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Welcome to Connect Your Meeting

We are an advanced technology company devoted to Audio Video Systems for Live production and multimedia consultation for ministries, corporate events, and education facilities.

Our staff works closely with production managers, producers, directors and any personal that need audio visual services.

Our company implements Flypack systems for portable production to larger scale production for Streaming, Video Playback systems, Recording, Projecting Content, Installing Audio Systems and Designing Audio Visual, and Lighting systems for your flawless production.



Site Visits, Freelance Labor, Equipment Rental.

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Live Production, Equipment Research, Training

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Some of Our Work

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Live Production Is What We Do

Take a look at SOME of the services we provide.


Record the presenter and presentation perfectly synchronize

  • Records PowerPoint or Keynote (including transitions) or any software
  • Record live action together with presentation as a single video stream
  • No out-of-date PowerPoint files – what goes on screen gets recorded
  • Video (at full frame rates)
  • Software demonstrations
  • Web surfing
  • Record everything the audience sees

Design Flypack Systems

Discreet recording equipment

  • Connect Your Meeting systems are compact, portable and quick to set up
  • Small remote control camera at back of room, works in low light levels
  • Requires only one technician to operate – keeps the cost down
  • Custom design systems to the production venue


Deliver Content

Choose your preferred delivery method

  • Duplicate on CD or DVD
  • Burn to USB sticks
  • Stream on the web
  • Upload to client server or CYM Server with CDN portal

On-site Recording

Access remote audiences

  • It’s not always necessary for everyone to travel to every event
  • Allow participation without incurring financial and environmental cost of travel
  • On demand conference calls, video conference, remote desktop solutions are available


Easy distribution

  • Live and on demand hosting
  • Stream in Flash or Silverlight, Quicktime
  • Combines easily with your other AV services
  • Real-time capture and encoding
  • Investing in Production companies to enhance productivity
  • Merging with Production Companies under contract


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